Granulation equipment and supporting equipment are used in many fields

Focus On Pellet Machines 31Years

We specialize in manufacturing flat die and vertical ring die pellet machines. These models create both sawdust and animal feed pellets.

Comprehensive Pelleting Solution

The website will regularly post pellet machine updates, covering material usage, maintenance, daily issues, and solutions.

Assembling & Installation

Our proficient technical team stands ready to assist with equipment installation, ensuring seamless setup guidance.

About Us

Professional feed pellet machine, wood pellet machine, pellet machine production line equipment manufacturer.

Henan Xuezao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Henan Xuezao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1992, it is mainly engaged in the production and manufacturing of pellet machinery and equipment.
Production equipment includes but is not limited to: feed equipment, biomass equipment, environmental protection equipment, crushing equipment, etc.

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